Event Architect is one of the leading event planner and public relations firms in Kolkata. We have evolved with a robust and productive team work; professionals acknowledged in delivering customized event planning services across Bharat.

Event Architect brings a new leap within the Industry. Passionate about planning and organizing events; each event is planned with careful attention, on every minute detail. Our event management services include a strong research and, are expanded to handle all aspects of the event. One of the most difficult parts of organizing is the start. An event is intended either to market, build business relationships and raise money or to celebrate. We create, customize and execute. We provide an extensive solution to increase the attendance and decrease the cost. We focus on strategic decisions rather than repetitive and time consuming tasks.

Event Architect has designed following services: Craze Hunt, Craze Connect, Bongiyo Bartajibi Mancha and Shyamaprasad Granthagar. Craze Hunt - shoot, exposure, opportunity - is designed to pull out the hidden talent of the aspiring performing young artists. Craze Connect offers exclusive PR solutions in association with The Craze Venture. It is an entrepreneur engagement program designed to exchange innovative ideas. Event Architect has also designed "The Craze Venture Entrepreneur Award" to recognize recognize young entrepreneurs having interesting contribution to the industry.

Bongiyo Bartajibi Mancha is an exclusive platform designed to engage public policy consultant, author and publisher in the discussions which have serious impact on the society. Event Architect, in association with The Craze Venture, organizes "Conferences on Integral Development - Education And Economics" and "Conferences on Abuse And Atrocities - Pre And Post Formation of Paschimbanga".

Shyamaprasad Granthagar is an exclusive network of libraries catering publications of Event Architect, The Craze Venture, independent authors and publishers.

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