Event Architect brings a new leap within the Industry. "Events are temporary occurrences, they have a finite length, and for planned events this is usually fixed and publicized." (Getz). We aim to guide events with Scope, Service and Schedule.

Watt's SMART Objectives for Events

Our Methodology

Effective events follow the methodology based on (1) What Kind; (2) Where; (3) When; (4) What For; (5) Whose Auspices; (6) Who Will Watch; (7) Will It Cost; (8) Who Will Lead; (9) Who Will Pay. These Nine Double-ues is the most important question when pastime events are concerned. If there is no clear-cut reason and no complex of parallel aims it should not be organized. There is no whatsoever point to do it just because there was one the previous year or it is a part of our calendar undertakings. It wouldn't be right for the lost time thus it would rather be dismissed. This methodology can turn small events into an effective one.

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Director's Desk

Babu Dubey

Hi! I am Babu Dubey, IT graduate by academics, an event architect by profession, a social worker by passion, am the Editor of The Craze Venture, a monthly English newspaper.

Ask me anything! We combine organizational and communication skills and, manage all the complex details from planning to budgeting, from evaluating and afterward. We research and recommend themes for your event; outline the many facets; locate proper venue; arrange food and beverages; send invitations; provide transportation and accommodations; coordinate staff; oversee the budget; supervise; and conduct a post-event evaluation.

We are expanded to eventually handle all aspects of the event. We provide a complete solution to increase your attendance and decrease your costs. We focus your valuable time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks.

Ask Me Anything!

Account Details

Event Architect
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Career Opportunities

The scope of event management and public relations are expanding. And, in order to build a strong event management company and public relation expert, a strong network and unique bonding in the members are necessary. So, we believe in a team. And, if you are willing to join our team and fulfill your dreams in any of the followings, email us your CV.