Shyamaprasad Granthagar

Shyamaprasad Granthagar is formed for the general welfare of the members of the Society and of the people in general, discharge the following functions, namely:

(a) To establish, aid or maintain libraries and literary centers.
(b) To publish or distribute useful literatures, etc.
(c) To render necessary support to the deprived people.
(d) To promote and encourage advancement of arts, culture, literature, education and sport.
(e) To arrange or organize lectures, debates, group discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, tours, exhibitions etc.
(f) To help or organize self-help group based programs for augmentation of the livelihood opportunities.
(g) To undertake suitable awareness programs on preventing environmental pollution and cruelty to animals.
(h) To render relief to the suffering in times of famine, flood, drought, earthquake and other natural calamities.
(i) To organize, promote or undertake such other activities or functions as are considered beneficial or conducive towards the attainment of the objects of the Society.